Stopping the Deepwater Horizon Oil Leak

Another Makeshift Bridge Plug self-anchors to the Drill Stem

The premise of this is to have a lower resistance as the device is pushed down the well on the drill stem, then with a rotating motion, increase the surface area of the blockage.  The pressure on each blockage plate will create a torque on each section of pipe over the drill stem, which will anchor the assembly to the drill stem.  Steel wedges can be driven between the pipe sections and the drill stem to reinforce anchoring.

The “lower resistance” is a function of having 7 blockage plates in the “shadow” of the first.  Approximately one eighth of the final blocking surface area faces down the well.

There are simple mechanisms that will lock these in alignment with each other for the insertion, and then allow full rotation so all eight block the flow.

Dual fins behind each plate are required. The drawing shows one for simplicity’s sake.

The load experienced is spread across all eight pieces and in eight sections of the drill stem.

If you don’t think this will anchor to the drill stem, go to a gym, and put  a flat-surfaced 25 pound Olympic weight on an Olympic bar, and try to pull it off using one hand on one edge.  The torque and the square angle (90 degree) and the diameter prevent it.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Oil Well flow-reducing apparatus to attach to drill stem

Push assemblies into place with a pipe over drill stem, rotate to fully deploy and reduce crude flow rate

The challenge will be getting this on the drill stem with 60,000 barrels a day of oil coming out of the top of the well.   This can be overcome by diverting the oil away from the center of the remaining riser pipe with temporary inverse-cone-shaped steel sections.

A clean cut with the diamond band saw is now possible since the weight of the bent riser pipe is no longer a factor.  Evidently the people directing the cut never took a chainsaw to a large tree… of course it was going to bind the way they cut it!

I have a feeling this is all just wasted yelling in the wind of a hurricane, but I had to get this out.  That we all seem to be forced to wait for the holy-crap-hail-mary-long-odds directionally drilled relief well is driving me insane.

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