How to plug the Deepwater Horizon Leak 2

Since I wrote yesterday, it’s become obvious they have the necessary sawblade at the bottom of the Gulf. Now it is stuck… This may be a good thing for now.

The leak can be greatly reduced by the simplest action…
1. cut slot in riser pipe.
2. insert steel plate, greatly reducing diameter of pipe open to the ocean.
3. The velocity of escaping crude will be greatly diminished.
4. NOW do the Top Kill. With the flow reduced, the injected mud and junk has a chance to form a solid blockage.

I’ll update with a diagram on how to reinforce a steel plate flow restrictor.

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  1. bob says:

    Ok, so my wife’s traveling and one of the kids is sick. No diagrams of reinforced flow restrictor plates tonight.
    It can be done, though. Fairly easily.

    It’s just odd balancing the investment of time to explain and draw something feeling the odds are stacked against anyone seeing it.

    Here’s a description:
    If the riser pipe is 21″ Outside Diameter, cut a section of pipe, maybe even across its diameter, and cut a slot in it for the flow restrictor plate.

    the flow restrictor plate will be at least 36″ long… It will “stick out” of the back of the reinforcing plate, or “outside everything.” To ensure it winds up straight, weld a triangular piece of steel to the outside-everything portion of the flow restrictor and to the outside of the reinforcing pipe section.
    When fully inserted into the riser pipe, the reinforcing pipe section can be strapped to the riser.

    Again, very simplistic explanation…

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