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Plugging the Deepwater Horizon Leak

This is a crude block diagram of a clamp on apparatus that could be used to block most of the flow from the Deepwater Horizon riser pipe leaking in the Gulf. The clamp-on apparatus is extremely simplified for this rushed … Continue reading

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Global Warming Solutions

Global Warming Science Global warming science is centered around the phenomenon of Carbon dioxide’s absorption of infrared energy.  Satellites are measuring less electromagnetic energy leaving the earth than is absorbed by it every day.  In a system in equilibrium the … Continue reading

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Scientific Consensus

When scientific consensus is mentioned in any discussion on Global Warming and the Climate Crisis, those who would rather life just continue as it has been for the last 20 years roll their eyes and mutter something about Al Gore.  … Continue reading

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Carbon Dioxide Data

I get some of the biggest reactions discussing global warming with people who aren’t familiar with the technical details when I ask: How many pounds of CO2 does one gallon of gas produce when burned in a car engine? Between … Continue reading

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The Greenhouse Effect

As hot a political football as the climate crisis is today, my chemistry text published 32 years ago actually covered the impact of fossil fuel combustion on the atmosphere and the measured and observed global warming. In this post I try to explain, in plain language, the chemistry and physics mechanisms, i.e., the science at play. Continue reading

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